Cat Nap Sculpture Kit and Video Lesson

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Sculpture Kit & Video Lesson

Calling all cat lovers! We all dream to be as carefree and comfortable as a cat lounging in the sun. This clay kitty leans comfortably upon any surface he's placed to act as a symbol to remind you to enjoy the cat naps and warm sunny days. Sculpt this realistic cat at your next art social or when you need an afternoon to relax.

Artist Recommended Items Included In This Kit:

  • Air Drying Clay
  • Sculpting Tools
  • Splash Cloth
  • Paper Plate For Mixing
  • Paper Towels
  • Streaming Video Tutorial


Our amazing At Home painting kits come complete with everything your customer needs – we only use TOP QUALITY SUPPLIES! Our wonderful TALENTED artists, in our easy-to-follow engaging video lessons or written instructions, will guide their inner artist to create a beautiful Masterpiece as they enjoy every minute of it!


All kits are shipped within 3 days business days when order is placed. If you need quicker, please note it in the "special instructions" when ordering.

Our engaging easy-to-follow instructional videos can be viewed on your cellphone, tablet, computer, or television.