About Us

Like many people who enjoy painting and doing crafts, so do we! The idea for Paintly Fun came to life on a night when the women in our family were going to attend a painting class. Unfortunately, the class was an hour away and the weather was horrendous when the time came to leave for the class -- we did not want to travel to the class.

We sat in the living room and discussed how enjoyable it would be to have a painting class, with all supplies provided AND an instructor, right in the comfort of our home!

After exploring the option of creating a business that could provide leisurely, artistic fun right at home (or a friends house or even a park!), Paintly Fun was born!

Since we enjoy other crafts as well, we decided to not limit everyone’s artistic potential to just painting. At this point, we have added crafts such as fingerpainting, clay sculptures and watercolors. More crafts will be added as the business grows.  

This is where the fun began..

We interviewed many artists that had a wide variety of experience and artistic ability and hired a group of instructors that are not only very creative, but also fun and easy to follow.

The video tutorials have been shot in our own home. We’ve had so much fun forming friendships, completing crafts, and developing an all-around fun, family environment.

We have had a great time building this company and putting together wonderful crafts for YOU!