Nurture Yourself through the Power of Painting

Nurture Yourself through the Power of Painting

They say laughter is the best medicine, but there’s a strong runner-up for second place. We call it art. Like laughter, creating art is also good medicine for the soul. And it doesn’t have to be what others may see as great or even good art that you’re creating. The healing power is in the act of creating itself. It’s your art, and painting is one of the easiest and most powerful places to begin.

Painting is an amazing self-care tool. Studies show that it can boost memory, reduce the risk of cognitive decline, spur emotional growth, and more. Painting helps children develop hand/eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and fosters creative thinking. In short, it’s good for everyone. Let’s take a deeper dive into how painting benefits our well-being.


Painting and other forms of creativity are excellent stress relievers. Most people who attempt painting for relaxation or diversion experience significant emotional benefits. This happens in large part because it significantly decreases Cortisol levels. WebMD describes Cortisol as nature’s built-in alarm system. As your body’s main stress hormone, it works with parts of your brain that control mood, motivation, and fear. Constantly elevated Cortisol can lead to a number of health problems, both physical and mental. In short, Cortisol levels go up and stay up when we’re in a constant state of stress affecting our mood and robbing us of a sense of well-being. Painting lowers those levels significantly.

Mental Health Benefits

Painting allows you to give your mind a break, even if only for a brief period. It helps slow us down, allowing us to relax, de-stress and tap into our creativity. Emotional issues can be brought into a clearer perspective when we give our mind some time off. You may be amazed at what comes out in your paintings and the sense of resolution that takes place throughout the creative process. We often hear artists say, “It’s all about the process.” They’re just people like you and I trying to muddle their way through life. They draw better stick figures than some of us but they are drawn to it for the same reasons.

Strengthens Memory

Painting sharpens our minds through conceptual visualization and implementation, with the added benefit of boosting memory function. Studies show that people who use creative outlets such as writing, painting, and drawing have less chance of developing memory loss as they age.

It’s Fun
Painting is just good, plain fun. By yourself or with a group, it provides good entertainment, a sense of accomplishment, and the stimulation of learning something new. Perfect as a group activity, it pairs well with peals of laughter, a good bottle of wine, or a juice box depending on your age. Kick on your favorite tunes and paint your canvas red or any other colors you choose. You’ll be amazed at how good it is for the soul.

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